We have a network of partners who can help you implement the Fearless Organization Scan in your organization.

If you are a coach or organization and want to use Psychological Safety and the concepts around it to improve personal wellbeing and team effectiveness, contact us at inquiries@fearlessorganization.com or contact the partner for your region.


Fable+ is a data-driven, people-focused consultancy with an emphasis on cultural transformation and change management. Our mission is to empower organizations to become fearless and resilient in an increasingly unpredictable environment. We use a variety of culture-analytics tools, including the Fearless Organization Scan, to reveal actionable insights, which we translate into tailored change management strategies. Deeply rooted in proven agile, mediation, facilitation, and gamification practices, our approach combines best-practice change methods with a strong emphasis on human interaction. With more than 80 employees across six offices, we are a diverse team of psychologists, strategists, operations experts, software engineers, data scientists, agile coaches and storytellers. Let’s make culture your competitive advantage.

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People Talking

PeopleTalking's vision is to help people, teams and organizations transform themselves through human connection. PeopleTalking is a founding Fearless Organisation partner with consultants based in the Americas, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Our programmes have transformed numerous local and global organizations over the past ten years. How? We help build better environments for human systems to perform at their sustainable best based on unique, proven approaches created by two internationally prominent Global thought leaders. The brilliant work of Professor Amy Edmondson’s Psychological Safety and Dr David Kantor’s Structural Dynamics are at the heart of all PeopleTalking programs. Read more


Based in Vancouver, Noomii connects coaches and businesses. With the Fearless Organization Scan partnership Noomii adds an extra actionable layer on top of their already thriving coach practice. Read more.


Stravaig: The Team for Teams

Based in New Zealand and working globally, Stravaig is a deep specialist in psychological safety, teams, structural dynamics and systems thinking. We have written extensively about these topics and about using strengths-based practices to improve performance. We've helped organisations win national awards for being the "best place to work" across multiple years; individual team members have won awards for leadership and NZ public Sector (IPANZ) awards for customer service. Read more.


System2 is a consulting company that provides capability building in the field of strategy and psychology. It focuses on making organizations healthier places to be in. 

To achieve this we use methods based on the collaboration with thought leaders such as Amy Edmondson, David Kantor and others in our sister company Bright Instruments.

These are used to solve organisations' most complex problems and to do whole system change.

System2 has offices in the US, Canada, the UK,  and The Netherlands and has global delivery capability. 

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