People Talking


People Talking was formed in 2012. Our purpose is to help organizations change themselves. The best outcome we can ever achieve for an organization is that our services are no longer required. Everyone at People Talking adopts a systemic approach to help organizations harness the collective intelligence needed in today’s complex world, at the same time as strengthening practices which increase well being. It is this both and which is a core anchor for People Talking and our clients. 

We see the combination of psychological safety and structural dynamics as a perfect combination for the unmet needs of organisations today around collaboration, communication and complex problem solving.
People Talking became a Fearless Organization founding partner in 2019, and will be offering training programs in psychological safety/Fearless Organization Scan in 2020.
People Talking has been delivering training programs for Structural Dynamics in Asia Pacific since 2014 and see this combination of David Kantor and Amy Edmondson’s research and theories as a much needed and very exciting resource for all of us.