The foundation

Leaders need to develop three distinct sets of capabilities, as described above.

Setting the Stage accomplishes shared expectations and meaning
Inviting Participation builds the confidence amongst team members that voice is welcome
Responding productively fosters an orientation towards continuous learning

The matrix above here shows you which behaviours you can use and what activities you can engage in as a leader to foster more psychological safety.

If you want to start building on this, please join us for the next series of Psychological Safety for Leaders training series:

Inspirational Learning: Build Leaders’ Awareness

  • Two modules of two hours, informative and interactive online sessions:

Session 1

  • The Why behind Psychological Safety
  • The Core Concepts

Session 2:

  • The Leader’s Work
  • Building Effective Teams

One session features a talk and Q&A with Prof Amy Edmondson.


  • Insight in and understanding of the research and core concepts around psychological safety
  • A first hand, embodied experience of how you can create (more) psychological safety
  • Leaders learn that the behaviors that work for team members may not work for them if they want to bring more psychological safety
  • A range of tips and tools which can be applied the next day in your work and life



Other ways to engage