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We do things differently.

We are a specialist consultancy based in New Zealand and working internationally. We work with you to build psychological safety and create connected, engaged and high-performing teams.

Stravaig has extensive experience in building high-performing teams, and we have helped organisations we've worked with win multiple awards for as "best place to work in NZ". In addition to being a Fearless Organisation Partner, Stravaig are the leading New Zealand specialists in systems thinking and the only New Zealand consultancy with qualified experts in David Kantor's "Structural Dynamics".  

With the Fearless Organisation Scan we can help you assess psychological safety in a single-team, across departments or an entire organisation.

Our experts work with you to strengthen psychological safety, improve team dynamics, shift communication and improve team performance. Our experts have all been people-leaders themselves, and know what it is like to lead and manage teams. Some of our team have worked at the executive level in both the private and public sectors - we have deep experience as well as broad expertise.

After running a Fearless Organization Scan with you, we have expertise in the "what next" phases and can help with team-development, training, capability building and embedding psychological safety into your programmes. We are experts in Structural Dynamics, Systems Thinking, Scenario Thinking, Strategy, Design Thinking & Co-Design, Innovation and participative technologies - and can bring this wide range of thinking to the table on your behalf. Read more.

We really care about our planet, people, and the challenges we face - and invest much of our time on initiatives, ideas, and assistance in areas that need our help, or cannot afford big consultancy fees.

We love working with people who share our love of ideas, innovation, learning, humanising work, giving-back and making a difference.

Get in touch - we love talking about this stuff!

For those interested, we've written a book on some of our work, and are working on a revised version due in Q1 2020.