Holonix LLC



Holonix, LLC practitioners excel at helping human systems thrive. We see all systems as holographic, with the whole embedded in each part. With this foundation for our work, we ensure that as the leaders coach thrive so does the system they lead. Our evidence based methodology is informed by our experience as executive leaders, 25+ years of organization consulting and experiential training design and facilitation, and ours and others’ research. We assess leaders, teams and whole systems quickly and accurately to get at the root causes that then guide intervention. We use our expertise in organizational and leadership psychology to address our client’s unique needs versus taking a one size fits all approach. Collaborating with leaders and their teams to increase capacity and build in sustainability is our hallmark.

Holonix is a preferred accredited global provider of certifications including Amy Edmondson’s Fearless Organization Scan, Structural Dynamics Baseline Instrument, The Authentic Presence Inventory self and 360, the bMap, and Neuroleadership Development Coaching. Our corporate clients include John’s Hopkins, Harvard Business School, Refugee Dream Center, Action Against Hunger, Definitive Healthcare, and Bose among others. We are known for our excellence in training and coaching individual leaders, executive coaches and practitioners to ensure they excel. Welcome to Holonix. Please stop by. You’ll be in good company!