A great and cost effective way to introduce the concepts around psychological safety into your organization is our Awareness program which we run online.

The program consists of two 2 hour sessions:

Track 1:

The Why behind Psychological Safety - why overall psychological safety is so important, particularly in our current volatile environment

The Core Concepts - clear guidance on what it is, but moreover, what it isn't.

Track 2:

The Leader’s Work - In each group there is leadership and membership. These require different, if not opposite behaviours

Building Effective Teams - psychological safety is the soil, not the seed. In the end, it's about building high-performance teams

One of the sessions involves a live Q&A with Amy Edmondson.

These sessions are priced at $799 per participant

You can enroll your people here or you can contact us for an exclusive in-house version.

This last version comes with a clear and rigorous intake and preparation process. Participants will receive pre-work and some guiding reading materials. A discounted rate for The Fearless Organization book is an option for this program.