This offering is an opportunity for you and your team to grow. Sometimes you need to slow down to go faster. 

In addition to a team report and individual reports for each team member, this package contains:

  1. Intake with team lead - a certified Pratitioner will contact the team lead to obtain context and background, so the team can get the maximum leverage out of the debrief session.
  2. Fearless Organization Scan Debrief - typically a two and a half to four hour session that consists of an introduction to psychological safety, the debrief of the results and a guided dialogue in the team about impact and coming away with actionable insights.

When you use the actual team instrument, all team members receive their personal report with comparison data from team members. This naturally triggers interest in participants who wonder why they scored this way, in comparison to other team members.

This leads to an ensuing dialogue, where often the score on one the four domains:

  1. Open conversation
  2. Willingness to help
  3. Inclusion & diversity
  4. Attitude to risk & failure

reveal differences in perceived psychological safety and the underlying dysfunctional patterns in team dynamics. These can then be explored productively, so the team can start to shift its game.

All PSI certified practitioners in our network, which offers global delivery capability, have a history in team performance coaching and wide experience to turn outlier scores into conversations that foster  improved understanding, so the team can start to leverage the power of differences.

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