The Fearless Organization Internal Practitioner Certification





As an internal advocate for training and development there are specific challenges you. Not only do you need the skills of a facilitator you also need to navigate the natural challenges of having to walk the halls and share meetings with the people you train. We know through extensive research that 43% of performance is correlated with psychological safety but how do you as an internal advocate and practitioner make the most positive impact? The Psychological Safety Guardian Certification provides access to a survey tool along with practical interventions that enable you to improve the lives of the people you work with every day. Simple solutions to complex challenges. This certification provide you with access to The Fearless Organization Scan so that you can provide organizations with key metrics and insight based on the insights of Amy C. Edmondson and Harvard Business School research. In addition, you will develop your skills to address issues related to psychological safety with practical interventions and methods that have been verified by the experts at The Fearless Organization and with our global partners. 

You will receive:

  • 15 hrs of training in small cohorts (no more than 20)
  • 3 hrs of supervision
  • Access to your own personal Fearless Organization Scan dashboard
  • Access to the global community of practitioners
  • LinkedIn Badge

You can enroll below or contact us if you want to discuss creating an exclusive in-house cohort.

What’s Included

The training price is approximately $ 2.500,- VAT excluded per practitioner. Training partners are free to set their own training price.

  • Admin access to Psychological Safety Scan Portal
  • Membership to our Community of Practice
  • Facilitation Materials
  • Industry Experts
  • Session Recordings
  • Certification and Badge


Agenda - Innovation, Inclusion
Module 1 - Understanding the Concepts (3 hours)
Module 2 - Debriefing the Results (3 hours)
Module 3 - Understanding the System and Survey (3 hours)
Module 4 - Signature Practices and Implementation (3 hours)
Small Group and Individualized Supervision (2 hours)
Module 5 - Practical Application (3 hours)

  1. Register
  2. Receive Invite
  3. Add to Calendar
  4. 4 Weekly Modules
  5. Small group and individualized supervision
  6. Implement with a real team
  7. Ongoing community support

Training dates are regularly updated and published on our Global training calendar